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New Minoxidil Response Test Identifies if Topical Minoxidil Will Work to Grow Hair

Breakthrough Hair Loss Technology Tests Hair Follicles for Minoxidil Response with 95.9% Accuracy

The hair loss market may never be the same. DA Labs, a renowned hair loss solution expert, launches the first and only patented and clinically-validated diagnostic test that will report with 95.9% accuracy if someone is a responder to topical Minoxidil – the only FDA approved topical hair regrowth treatment for genetic hair loss in men and women.

Unknown until now, you need an enzyme present (SULT1A1) to convert Minoxidil to its active form to regrow hair for genetic hair loss – the worldwide leading cause of hair loss in both men and women. If you lack the enzyme, Minoxidil (also commercially known by brand names such as Rogaine®, Hims, Hers, Keeps*) will not work for you. Until now, the science was not available to test for the enzyme’s presence in the hair follicle. Through meticulous research and persistence, DA Labs' R&D team discovered the need for the SULT1A1 enzyme for hair regrowth success with topical Minoxidil.

There is frustration and an emotional toll of losing one’s hair.   The Minoxidil Response Test is the biggest development to hit the hair loss category as it will help men and women immediately determine the best course of action to treat their hair loss – no need to waste time, money or false hope on a treatment that biologically does not work for you.

The Minoxidil Response Test (MRT) for men and women is a simple, non-invasive, at-home hair pluck test. Samples are sent to our CLIA-certified lab and evaluated for the presence of the SULT1A1 enzyme using a proprietary, patented method. Results are secured in a HIPPA-compliant server and reported back to the customer in their personal DA Labs account. From there, the customer can work directly with their healthcare provider on the next steps to treat their hair loss.

We are set on a course to forever change the way we approach and treat genetic hair loss.  The Minoxidil Response Test offers discreetness and convenience, made for use in the privacy of one's home to help gain control over hair loss and seek the best solutions based on genetics and personal response mechanisms.